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Hospitality Industry Inbound Marketing Tips: Keyword Planning and Your SEO

Posted by Pete Wiltjer on Aug 17, 2016 4:02:52 PM

The hospitality and commercial food service markets have countless solution providers competing for your business. How do the top dogs stand out on the Internet? The answer is related to their understanding of prospect needs and how those needs are addressed through search engine optimization and keywords they use in their websites. 

Search engine optimization is a necessity if you want your website to attract the right traffic. Keywords are a big part of the SEO equation, especially if you rely on organic search results, as opposed to paid ads, to drive traffic and attract prospects that self-identify thanks to your strategic use of marketing content. 

Where to get started on improving your SEO? One sure winning path is a better understanding of your most effective keywords, and knowing which keywords provide the easiest path to a high search engine ranking. Keywords are something your marketing team should be testing and measuring each month, and should be a central part of your SEO plan. 

Do you want to learn about tools available to help your keyword planning, and about some strategic ways to place your keywords? Click 'more' to keep reading.

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Measuring for Successful and Repeatable Hospitality Industry Inbound Marketing

Posted by Pete Wiltjer on Oct 30, 2015 5:59:09 PM

Do you remember the most successful marketing program you ever executed for your foodservice operation? Were you able to repeat that success? If not, perhaps you need to add measurement to your recipe so you can document what works and repeat it.

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