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Bad Lip Reading Videos and B2B Content Marketing in Naperville

Posted by Pete Wiltjer on Feb 4, 2016 10:30:00 AM

I love sitting with my kids and watching funny videos on Facebook and YouTube. Our current favorites are the bad lip reading series that poke fun of NFL stars. It is not hard to quickly pass an hour while watching an endless stream of videos that are always available at your finger tips via Facebook and YouTube, and it makes me think about the rather staggering traffic claims that Facebook and Google (owner of YouTube) recently reported.

You see, when Facebook announced its impressive 4Q 2015 earnings, the company also said for the first time that its users are watching an average of 100 million hours worth of video daily. Whoa. And yet, these numbers aren't even close to the unbelievable traffic Google is seeing on YouTube. And the fastest growth is coming from mobile platforms for both.

Clearly there is a voracious and growing demand for quality content marketing. And from a marketer's perspective, it is encouraging to see a growing appetite for this via mobile devices. If only it were as easy as linking to a silly video in the B2B world, though.

When it comes to B2B PR and content marketing for our  clients here in Chicago, Aurora and Naperville, the ability to create and deploy content that actually draws qualified prospects to a website takes more effort than posting 15 seconds-worth of adorable kitten videos. I include PR in this discussion because today, our clients want their PR to not only raise brand awareness, but to also engage their prospects in a meaningful way by generating website traffic and website queries.


PWMG's clients leverage PR and content marketing as key components of their inbound marketing strategies, where analytics and keyword data are studied on a regular basis, where new content that is targeted to not only their keywords but also to the ideal buyers they want to attract is flowing on a regular basis. It is only through this steady and studied approach that our clients are able to enjoy more qualified website conversions and effective prospect nurturing.

If your company would like to improve its inbound marketing efforts , and have struggled to boost your website conversions, please drop us a line. We would be glad to help you examine your current inbound marketing strategy and help you come up with a plan to get your marketing and sales team  back on track and hitting your growth objectives. This includes improving your ability to generate more qualified interest in your key products, services, or even a special event.

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